The Corona virus is not your nice uncle but he can be your best friend… if you understand him, that is. In this virus there is a hidden gem who’s strength touches the Soul. Have you ever had a Soul virus? Wish it because it elevates you. Because in that dimension it does not have the physical component with it. In that dimension, it becomes elevation.” M. Keshe

Corona Transformations

Corona Parasite

There are indications that Corona is currently upgrading itself from a virus that is dependent on the constant energy supply of a host to a fully fledged living entity able to live his own life inside our body.

Corona Portal

The Corona virus taking hold on the planet has opened a portal to many other viruses that travel the Universe freely. Normally this situation would have arrived at the time when humanity really starts to explore deep space, but now, that the Corona virus has been established firmly on the planet, this possibility has already become real. The Corona is not only interacting with amino acid based life forms like human beings, it is also interacting with the fields of the planet. Thus it now is able to attract fields that couldn’t have been attracted before. His interactions with the fields of the Earth, have changed the latter. This opens the door for the earth to attract new viruses; but also new energies and materials will be possible.

This new situation cannot be tackled by nations individually, because the whole planet is affected. The KF together with the Iranian government will show a technology that is able to decontaminate airplanes and airoports from any virus. This will make Iran the first virus-free zone in the world – ready to welcome the whole world to the long awaited Teheran Conference. Using the 1C1L technology, there already cities in Iran which have not shown any infection for 12 days, no death for 14 days.

The new technology for Corona in exchange for Peace”

It’s raining Viruses

Virusses in a drop of ocean water

Viruses are ancestors whose origin dates back to the earliest beginnings of life on the planet.

Maybe that’s why their imprint is everywhere in living things. Their omnipresence can be seen even in our genetic material, which contains between 5 and 8% viral DNA.

Viruses are most prevalent in the marine environment. In a single spoonful of seawater, there are more viral particles than the entire population of the European continent.

Even more spectacularly, it is said that every time we go swimming, we absorb more than a billion viruses.

Because the viruses in our biosphere are also airborne, hovering above us and falling down, about 800 million viruses are deposited daily on every square metre of the earth’s surface. In other words, we live on a planet where viruses are constantly raining down.

Corona is the new Messiah?

By Francesca MORELLI, Italian psychiatrist and psychotherapist :

I believe that the Unverse has its way of rebalancing things and its laws, when these come to be too upset. The moment we are living in, full of anomalies and paradoxes, makes us think…

At a time when climate change, caused by environmental disasters, has reached worrying levels. Then the Corona virus has first China, and then so many other countries, forced into a standstill; the economy is collapsing, but pollution is decreasing dramatically.

At a historic moment when, throughout the world, certain discriminatory ideologies and policies are being reactivated, strongly reminding us of a petty past, a virus is coming, which makes us experience that, in an instant, we too can become the discriminated, the segregated, those who are blocked at the borders, who bring diseases. Even if we have nothing to do with it. Even if we are white, western, and travel first class in our all-powerful complex.

In a society based on productivity and consumption, in which we are all running for 14 hours a day after each other, without Saturday or Sunday, without a break in the calendar – then all of a sudden the STOP comes. Suddenly we are all at a standstill, at home, for days on end; counting the time that we have lost the value of, as soon as it is no longer measurable in money, in profit. Do we even know what to do with it yet?

At a time when the education of our own children, by force of circumstance, is often delegated to various figures and institutions, the virus is closing schools and forcing us to find alternative solutions, to reunite mothers and fathers with their own children. It forces us to rebuild a “family”.

In a dimension where relationships, communication, sociability, are essentially played out in this non-space of the virtual of social networks, giving us the illusion of proximity, the virus takes away the little real closeness, that we still had: no touching, no kisses, no hugs, distance. Corona puts the poverty of our virtual relations right into our face!

In a social climate where thinking of oneself has become the rule, the virus sends us a clear message: the only way out is reciprocity, a sense of belonging, of community, of feeling part of something greater, something to be taken care of, something that can take care of us. Shared responsibility, feeling that our actions depend not only on our own fate, but on the fate of others, of all those around us. And that we depend on them.

So, if we stop the “witch hunt”, to ask ourselves whose fault it was and why it happened, and instead ask ourselves what we can learn, I think we all have a lot to think about and we have a lot to change.

And the letter from our new friend corona, totally fits the context; it has been brought to you by Darinka & Kristin:

I will help you. I am a messenger, an ally, a force that will restore balance. Hear me out, I will be howling at you until you do. So stop; be silent and listen.

I know you feel scared at the moment. Do not give into fear; do not let it overpower you. Listen to what I have to say, listen to my wisdom.

Look around you – I give you everything that you wanted for such a long time.

I will help you if you listen to me.”

If all this sounds quite right to you, you may discover also that the environmental, social, political and economic effects that appear in the wake of the virus are exactly what we wanted for such a long time. In this sense we could say that we actually have created the virus; for many many years we have been directing our wishes to the Universe. And the Universe has responded with exactly what we were asking for.

But in a way “against our will”. It looks like the Universe had decided to do away with us, the cause of all the trouble our poor Mother Earth and our fellow men have to endure. That looks like a punishment.

However, in the Universe there is no punishment; only consequences: if you constantly deny your Soul, your Soul fill finally stop supporting your body = the physical death. That is the Hard Way.

And the soft way on the other hand is that we only have to get closer to our Soul, to live in the understanding that striving only for the Good of All includes us.

In this way Corona is indeed a messenger from the Center of the Universe, from the Creator or from God if you wish.

The corona virus, seen through the ancient Chinese wisdom

Author: Li Hong Ren

Someone gave the corona baby 4 amino acids to set it on its mutating exploration on this blue planet. Little virus equipped with the understand how to hide itself, no desire to compete with anything, just silently learn and copy human’ surviving skill. While they are concentrating to explore human’s lungs, they know how to hide from the detection, how to control temperature in floating, but they have no brain, how do they copy humans’? However, Mr. Keshe said, that the virus has a soul, it has a brain….

There is one saying in Diamond Sutra: “All living beings born from eggs, wombs, humidity or by transformation, with or without form, either thoughtful or thoughtless and neither thoughtful nor thoughtless – are all led by me to the final nirvana to the end of all reincarnation”.

These definitions of living beings are something that the world of medicine cannot understand. It’s hard for people to comprehend that the so-called “thoughtless” are infact single chain (RNA) virus. DNA is physical, RNA is emotional. Since corona virus is RNA single chain, it could sense how the host thinks and feels, because it has not only an amino acid but also an emotional connection. If the host has weird thoughts, it will follow this path to mutate faster; if the host has deep and calculating personality, it will follow to camouflage; if the host’s desires are weak, it will have a slow growth rate; if the host’s desire is strong, it will be fast growing.

So we see that the virus will show different symptoms in different persons. Someone has light sickness, some has a long one, while some die very soon, some even don’t have any symptom. Even some people may evolve thanks to this virus.

The virus’ activity is not based on our physical condition, but on the emotional one. This is an unknown territory for most human being. There is a writing of Sun-Tse from “The art of war”, where he says that “First attack the emotion of the enemy, then grind the fortress.” The difference between virus and germ is that the germs work on the physical cities, while the viruses work on the leader of the enemy troops, once it can take the leader’s emotion, then the physical strength of the castle is not an issue anymore. The virus takes over the control to the cells, he begins a revolution. But our body cells also are “thoughtless” living beings; they are driven by the interaction of the emotion and the soul.

If people who get infected have a compassionate character, they may allow the virus to stay in the body and let them have their naughty play for a little while, they probably just cough a few days, then get better and become healthy again. Moreover the virus could help these people to plant the evolutional seed which will save these people’s life for the changing environments to come.

But if people are not compassionate enough, if they have beliefs such as “you are different from me, you are my enemy”, then they will mobilize more white blood cell troops attack indiscriminately, even their own body cells. This will not only destroy the evolutional seeds, but also these people themselves.

The world of medicine keeps on ignoring how human emotions interact with the virus, just because the emotion cannot be quantified, which means, they fail to see the karma and the quantum entanglement behind all these phenomena. We have to understand, how our each of our organs have come to take their particular shape, they are all formed with the help of viruses. Thanks to their existence, the species on earth became diversified. If the human beings want to survive in this century’s plague, they have to follow the four solutions

  1. The use of the 1Cup=1Life will first take away the lethal threat first.
  2. Cultivate the attention and intention to transform the protein of the virus to be absorbed by human body. As the stronger feeds the weaker, the virus gives its energy to the Liquid Plasma, depleting the virus. In the process the Liquid Plasma gets re-charged, to reach the level of the cells. In this process the Liquid Plasma is feeding the body cells, in order that they get their balance, strength and harmony back.
  3. Pharmaceuticals cannot keep up with the speed of the virus’ mutation. The Liquid Plasma will make people get along with the virus, the ability to co-exist would create the communication, turn agony into cooperation.
    Human being always too quick to label something that brings them out of their comfort zone as a disaster. As this one is man made, you know who is to blame. My point is simply Arn’t human beings part of the nature”? Whenever there is thunder hitting the sky, the earth is shaking; this is an energy exchange of a higher order. Because we are inside these interactions, our emotions will be influenced. This century’s plague seems to be the interaction between the energy in the higher order (Soul) and the human energy in the lower order (physical level). The soul doesn’t talk, but somehow gives consequences to a naughty child. It may take time to alter our own emotions and beliefs to adapt to adapt to the changes in time. At this point in time, man’s evolution can be accomplished by the sacred mutation of the virus.
  4. As One Race One Nation we could use the climate control technology (“chemtrails”) to pour “gans rain” in large scale all over the planet; and even though different places have different mountains and rivers, they share the same sun and moon. So let the gans rain join in the water systems on the ground, to purify the environment, to change its strength, which provides the condition to let the virus be diluted to become harmless, and the world has chance to survive and prosper. Virus is not dangerous. The biggest danger is our ignorance of the truth!

Who is this virus I

The WCV follows genetic pathways

The WCV has originally been manufactured and genetically modified to wipe out the Chinese race. However the virus did not stay confined to China, it quickly spreads throughout the world and nothing seems to stop it. To be able to jump from one race or country to another, the virus needs to mutate. The mutation is the way the virus adapts itself to a new environment = another race. And every time it mutates, it becomes stronger. The mutation follows the blood lines, the genetic connections that have been created by mixing our blood during centuries; thus the virus simply follows the genetic pathways laid out in our DNA.

The WCV has emotion

You probably remember that viruses don’t really spread by physical contact, by using the pathways of the material plane – they are plasmatic energy entities which move like energy. In this sense they are not physically transmitted but they are recreated in the receiver. We learned that the WCV has been created by the emotions of caged and illegally sold wild animals, because they were put by us in an unsupportable distress.
That’s why the WCV has emotion. And therefore people who feel like being encaged, can produce the same virus because their emotion is of similar field strength than that of the virus. And the virus being an emotional entity, settles of course in the lungs which psychosomatically correspond to emotions. This is how our Soul talks to us – she shows us in every moment how and what we are doing in regards to her. And remember our Soul is not a policeman, the sole wish of our Soul is that our body and mind are totally happy!

Une nouvelle mutation du virus corona est apparue, qui affecte l’état émotionnel des personnes. “C’est la phase où le virus a muté en un être émotionnel. Il devient quelque chose comme un enfant à l’intérieur de l’homme, mais l’homme ne lui donnera pas naissance, il le dépassera progressivement”. M. Keshe

Aujourd’hui, en Chine, apparaissent les premiers cas de décès par hémorragie cérébrale, causés par la connexion émotionnelle du virus et exacerbés par la peur.

En Chine, il y a beaucoup de gens qui attrapent le virus, le propagent, mais ne présentent aucun symptôme. La raison en est que le virus est un bloc d’énergie ; il ne se transmet pas par les canaux de la matière (air, fluides, etc.) mais par interaction émotionnelle. Cela signifie que l’émetteur et le récepteur doivent avoir une intensité de champ émotionnel similaire mais pas égale ; un transfert de champ magnétique à partir des poumons (les organes émotionnels). Vous n’avez donc pas besoin du toucher physique pour l’obtenir ; vous pouvez juste passer ou être dans le même espace.

The WCV has a soul
The virus has a double crown (that’s why it’s called Corona = Crown virus). One crown has the field strength of the different amino acids, the bacterial link; the other the strength of the virus, the energy pack. The two components or plasmas interact, thus creating something like a mind, some kind of a “free will” which consolidates and enhances it’s capacity to mutate. In this way the virus can, so-to-say decide where it wants to go.

You have a Soul, the Virus has a Soul and the 1C=1L(the intermediary) has a Soul. The intermediary brings balance to both. That’s why you are safe with this Technology.”

Viruses are part of our life – and this will become even more evident when we travel in space; so we have to learn to respect them and to live with them – they have a Soul.

This virus was tailor-made instrument to kill, now it has put itself in control.” M. Keshe

Le virus a également une âme qui interagit avec l’âme de la cellule à laquelle il s’attache ; c’est la condition pour créer la vie. Et si la salinité créée par l’émotion lui est propice, le virus se donnera la vie en tant qu’entité physique. Il existe en fait des créatures dans l’univers qui ont établi un compromis entre elles et les parasites – nous pourrions les voir dans les temps à venir. “Ce virus est un virus de l’Âme de l’homme, bientôt vous comprendrez”. M. Keshe

Who is this Virus II

The Corona virus is a messenger from the Soul of the Creator helping us to makethe next evolutionary step. We have no choice: either we will get there by leaving the physical body behind (death) or we understand how we are not the body. We are light beings and not body beings. We have no choice. It depends on the maturity of our Soul, which way we’ll take.

All the man-made structures which are not natural, but imposed by our will to power – are already dissolving. The more we fear the new, the more we will hold on to the wrong thought: “The pandemic will come to an end and all will be like before”, the more painful will be the experience. “You wait, the turmoil has not yet started; and it will happen in the next few months. M. Keshe

But if we are open and welcoming the change around and within us – a blissful journey lies ahead of us! Before we can create a 1 Nation, 1 Race, 1 Planet, we have to unify the soul of our physicality/mind with our Soul. The moment we individually become One, we will see that we as a humanity have become One as well. “You have to bring Peace to your home first, before you can bring Peace to your Nation.” M. Keshe

The confinement which is imposed by all the governments, is actually helping us to turn inwards and become friends with our Soul. The following story of Canadian indigenous people illustrates this very well:

Grandma, how can I live this quarantine?

By Elena Bernabé, Indigenous Peoples Cultures. April, 2020

“My daughter, quarantine is a special, mysterious and sacred period. In my days, newborn children could only leave the house for the first time after their 40th day of life. It is a period of waiting and preparing for a new life. It is the period that produces a great change.”

And how do you prepare for this change?

“With simple, genuine and loving actions. Every morning comb your long hair with dedication and untie all the knots, even the most hidden ones that you have always neglected. It is time to put all the knots in the comb. Then dedicate yourself to untangling even your beloved ones skeins. With patience and you will try to find the end of the skein, the exact starting point of the thread. Already with these simple but powerful actions you will create order outside and inside of you. Undoing physical knots with your hands you will begin to touch your internal knots.”

And after undoing the knots, what can I do, grandma?

Get rid of everything that are no longer part of your life. In many funeral rites of ancient peoples it is believed that the deceased leaves the body entirely on the 40th day after his death. In these 40 days, my daughter, cut your hair, eliminate clothes that you have not worn for a long time or that you no longer want use, open the windows of your home well to let the stale air out, cultivate new thoughts by abandoning the old, dedicated to creating new habits, new customs, new traditions.”

Grandmother, I’m afraid that after this isolation nothing will change. Man quickly forgets…

“How others will live through this quarantine is none of your business. Make a commitment to change and not forget. Make sure this storm shakes you up so much that it completely revolutionizes your life.”

Who is this Virus III

Humanity has always been one, but up to now the “wholeness” consisted of dissociated, fragmented, alienated parts. For the past 8000 years the 1% fraction tried to control the rest for the benefit of their egoistic gains in power and wealth. The rest was consenting on the material level to this exploitation scheme, because each one had the possibility or the licence (from “licentious”) to apply the exploitation scheme on their respective private level of relationship and family.

But at the same time the emotions and the Souls of all of us have being crying bitter tears for the same 8000 years, yearning for a change. Yearning for a change despite our own material self interests, even in spite of ourselves. This yearning, these wishes coming from the abused hearts and the abused Souls gathered together, accumulated their energies. And slowly these energies condensed, slowed down to finally materialize as the Corona Virus.

Our attachment to the material level has brought us to the point that we believe that even our body is matter only. In all living beings on this planet the element calcium is the main agent to preserve matter. When our body dies, not all is decomposing, naturally the bones are left.

The Corona Virus’ main action is calcification of any place he settles; the liver, the brain, the heart, the blood, the kidneys… so the Virus is showing us what we are doing by calcifying everything of us, by showing us how we slowly rigidify and render everything of us immobile and dead. In a way, when we keep being attached to the matter level, the Corona virus will make a statue of ourselves. You wanted to hold on to the material level at any cost, so, as a statue, you became immortal in the physicality. You wanted to use the physicality to own and possess. Now you got what you wished for! M. Keshe

Up to the appearance of the Corona virus, the whole process has been unconscious. But since the outbreak of the pandemic in January/February 2020, at least the Keshe Family has researched and published a lot of facts and knowledge on the Virus; raising the level of knowledge and awareness. Since then the interactions and the evolution triggered by the Corona virus have become more and more conscious, thus accelerating the evolutionary and healing effect for the whole of Humanity.

Corona has brought humanity to it’s knees. And if they do not understand the message of the Corona, the process will go further. The Scientific paper will show, how deep the virus affects us. Humanity cannot escape from this energy pack.
Now there is one question: as this energy pack understands and mutates – does he have a Soul?

This energy pack is part of the creation, it is part of the Creator and it will bring man to the point to stand still and reflect upon it’s ways for the past 8000 years in order to reach maturity. Mankind has not yet seen the total power of this virus!

The biggest problem of mankind is the lack of trust in his own wishes.

The only way for man to accomplish this step is to rise in love.” M. Keshe

Corona Alien

The Corona mutated across all the environments inside our body. Wherever he initiated calcification he copied the genetic information of the cells that had been attacked.

Then he evolved out of a simple virus into an entity that could live “independently” inside our organism and develop his own will. Now there could be two entities living together (?) in the same organism.

Seeing that the Corona could transform the calcium, which is the essential building block or our organism, from the plasmatic into the matter state; the question was whether the Corona would be able to develop a structure of its own, his own independent body? We see now that he can do this; he is able to transform himself from a simple virus (energy pack) into a separate life form, manifesting himself on the matter level. This is done in the lungs; the Corona actually created a physical manifestation of himself inside the body of the man.

This process also enables him to “walk amongst us” and choose the person, from whom he would copy the genes that he needs for his development. Thus he could become a complete new creature inside of us.

As he is carrying our DNA, he has become in a way, “our offspring”. As he has visited all the organs of our body, it is possible that he can “assemble” himself into a humanoid form, living as separate creature sharing the same environment with us.

It looks that the Corona is not a temporary phenomenon like any other epidemic, but we’ll have to live with it for a long long time. And in this context, wouldn’t it be intelligent to follow questions like:

Why did it come and what is the Corona teaching us?

What advantages can we take coexisting with him?

Having the possibility of the 1Cup1Life technology, we can “tame” the virus in bringing the death rate down to 5% or even 1%; allowing us to be less invested in fighting the virus than in learning from him. What would be the best way to enjoy living with him!

Corona Alien II

The Corona, due to his ability to transform calcium (the crucial component of the structures of all life forms on this planet) from the plasma to the matter state, will be able to give himself the physical form of his choice. If he succeeds to create a physical form, he will also develop his own intelligence based on his collection of our intelligence acquired while visiting the totality of the organs and parts of our human body.

In this way, the Corona-being will most probably use the human form as a bridge towards it’s own existence; meaning it may clone all the components of human beings that he will find useful for his purpose. When conventional science will become aware of this in a few weeks/months they will probably tell us that we are not facing a “simple” pandemic but a “take over by an alien race”.

What is his purpose?”

Maybe that’s not the right question; we could also focus on: “How would we like to handle it?” That means we can approach the situation from our own ethics, understanding and wisdom. Not in a reactive sense of “We are being menaced by an alien intruder and we will have to find a way to annihilate them” but more like this: “How can we coexist with a being that we even have created ourselves?”

Are we ready for the next step in our evolution? This is exactly the same question we have faced in understanding the virus as an energy pack and his message. We have found that we have created the Corona to “force” or push us as a human race to the next step, which is grounding our individual and collective lives on the Universal Principle. We want us to find and live on the position of the Soul. In simple words, we are a the cross-roads to become our ideals – Jesus, Mohamed, Krishna, Buddha, Mahavir… or to pass through the physical death.

Looking at the history of Corona, it should become obvious that some individuals are growing to a level of understanding that enables them to see Corona a friend who is helping us evolve. But on a socio-political level, we cling to our neanderthal heritage: fight & flight. So the Corona had to develop a new ruse after the other to stay on top of the process and “force” us into evolution. We can now see that all the mutations of the virus are in fact Corona’s ways to adopt to our resistance.

Moreover viruses have the habit to take everything and then establish themselves permanently in an environment like ours; so we may be forced to leave the planet and find another virus-free place somewhere else in the Universe?