Socio-economic changes

On a socio-economic level, we will experience the paradigm shift from “You have to earn your living, you have to work to live” to “You live and enjoy your life, at the same time you contribute to the life of the community”.

At the end of this transition Humanity will see 90% of their illnesses will be eradicated; 90% of all food consumption will cease; 90% of all pollution we have created will be gone – but there is one thing for sure at 100%: Humanity will become ONE!M. Keshe

What the new technology cannot change are accidents and evolutionary changes; especially the latter are non-negociable. The body senses the evolutionary changes on the planet; so it changinges in order to be adapted to the future environment. And these changes, – seen with today’ eyes – could appear very well as a “diseases”, but they are not.

Our children and grand children, looking back at the Corona Challenge of 2020 will say : “With Corona, the Humanity has made a bigger step in a few years than in the last 8000 years of their “civilization”.

Back to the Roots

The Corona is not polite and he is not your nice uncle. Anything he sees as unaligned with the Soul, he simply takes it away without asking our consent or understanding. Corona virus has already changed all the key conditions of our existence in society, in the world outside of us but inside of us as well. Especially the position of our soul of the physicality (mind) to our Soul of Man. Depending on our level of information and openness, we will take a few weeks or a few centuries to wrap our mind around the new realities.

The colour changes in the two Chinese doctors tell the same story: they wake up one fine day, they look in the mirror to see that they are nor more the same. Maybe they didn’t recognize themselves at first. And then they have to understand what was happening and see if they can accept it or better still: flow joyfully with their new reality.

The origins of mankind are somewhere in the middle of the African continent; from where we migrated to the different parts of the planet. Each settlement in a different climate – in a different gravitational-magnetic field of the planet – lead to genetical modifications to adapt the human system to the new environment. This is how the different human races came about. All these genetical modifications are like the layers of an onion – one on top of the others.

Be ready for the transition: be ready for the elevation of your own Soul by yourself – or be ready for the separation of the two. It is simple, it doesn’t need a Cup of Man or any other, it needs the understanding of the truth about your self, about your Soul.M. Keshe

The Chinese, yellow man had been exposed during 90 days to high level energy of calcification conversion and because of this has become a black man. Now the question: what has changed on the plasma level which provoked the change on the material level – the color of the skin? During the whole period of exposition, the Soul has stayed intact but the mind has changed his position to be more balanced with the Soul, to be more aligned with her. This is exactly the same as Jesus’ resurrection. Subsequently everything in the body has changed to fit the new position of the two Souls towards each other.

In a way by this genetic reversal, the Corona virus is simply taking away all the “human civilization” where we went wrong: everything since the “eating of the apple” – where we left the Universal Principle and the guidance of our Soul and went for satisfying our personal whims by whatever means, even if it is hurting our fellow (human) beings. It will be very interesting to see whether the genetically reversed Corona patients will also show changes in their personality and behaviour.

Now if the Soul is not feeling good with the black colour, could it continue to change to create something more convenient? And can we now change our appearance to another race, if we our wish is sincere?

The Corona virus spreading all over the world, brought us: One World and One Nation. Now we see that the virus is able to reset our genes to their original configuration; If this takes hold, we are going back to our origins. The virus will bring us: One Nation.

The connection to our Soul will be our only efficient means to prevent our appearance to change – having reached this position, you can decide what you look like.

Is human kind waking up from a coma or a hypnosis that lasted for thousands of years?” M. Keshe

If the genetic cleansing process is affecting the memory of those patients, than we may have sources to get to know and understand what happened in our distant past. In this way our collective memory would become accessible.

Creation of a Soul

It is a misunderstanding that many have, that a new Soul is only created by the physical interaction of loving parents. In fact the Souls of the Children of the Universe are created without any physical interaction, only by the love of two Souls and their love for co-creation.

These Children of the Universe will decide themselves in which condition of physicality they will manifest themselves. In the coming time, Humanity will more clearly understand the difference between the two co-creations. Even if the human race will entirely disappear from the face of this planet by Corona or any other virus, those children will carry on.

Changes in animals

Animals will change in pretty much the same way as humans. They will go back to the position before our abusing them; the simple fact that we stop to eat them may bring the conversion to the lion and lamb sleeping in the same den. They can reach this state by the same path than us: it will happen when their Soul satisfies directly the needs of their physicality and they, too have no need to kill each other for food anymore. Same as us.

Post Corona – Fresh Beginnings

Have you noticed that everything M Keshe announces, gets always officially confirmed some weeks later. That only shows how far humanity and especially it’s official information channels are lacking behind; and this also puts the KF in the absolute avant-garde. All of us connected to the KF protect ourselves since the beginning of the spread of the Corona pandemic, so we don’t get infected. On the other hand, we grow beyond all limitations with the help of the Cup of Man. So one could say that we are already in the post-Corona phase, What is engaging our attention now is how to use the Corona challenge for the elevation of Humanity.

Consequently from this KSW onwards, M Keshe started the post-corona teachings.

The whole Corona story has made if very clear that humanity on the spaceship called “Earth” has the weakness of not being protected against outside energy packages, called “viruses”. If we want to venture into space, we have to learn how to protect us, the space ship and the motherland, from these invisible assaults, man-made or not.

Man today has two choices: either to go for physical protection with GaNS etc or to go for the transition of energies. In order to prevent the infection and to process Corona, we have used the liquid plasma of 1Cup1Life – but in space there is no water to drink, to spray and to inhale.

Maybe you know that since man took to the moon the first time, viruses are significantly on the rise. And every further exploration voyage into space gave us more of the same. Of course that works as well in the other direction, too, if you remember how the imported diseases from Europe wiped out thousands of indigenous people in the “new world” during the colonization age. We have the responsibility to protect the other beings of the Universe from our earthbound diseases.

Therefore man has to be in an absolute clean condition both exiting and entering Earth. How do we do this? We have two choices:

  • do we live the life of a body, that has a Soul, encaged in the physical body? or
  • can we understand and expand the power of our Soul so she includes the body?

If we manage the latter, then the Soul will protect the body directly on the energy or plasma level and there will be no more death! This is like the “mother’s hug” when we were playing outside and we got hurt, we ran to the mother and she took us in her arms to console, protect and restore us.

The mother is the refuge and the reference point for us – so is the Cup of Man. She is the way to reach your Soul and at the same time she protects our physicality. Right now the body is weak and vulnerable to anything from the outside; and the Soul is encaged within the body. In this situation the Soul cannot help, because her hands are bound. But if we can liberate the “bird from the cage” and consign our body into her care, then nothing can touch us. Then it will take less than a second to overcome the Corona or any other threat. The same is true in the opposite direction: it only needs the intention to protect the other beings in the Universe from harmful energies from Earth, and “thy will be done”.

How to do it?

Stand in front of the Cup of Man as a living being, not as a dead man.” M Keshe

It is similar to going into the UAU: the UAU detects the state of our condition; she sees what is wrong with us. Then she will “do” the appropriate “actions” to get us back into balance; she will create the field strengths that will get us back to “natural”. One of the signs that the process is taken place, are experiences akin to “near death experiences” where people see their body from above, they are witnessing their own physical life – that means they are no more “inside” it.

If this door opens to you, you know that you can go out of the body, fix it from Corona and go back in, because in the realm of the Soul, your energy is stronger than that of the Virus, so you can feed it and bring it instantly up to your level to merge and become you.

The Cup of Man is in fact an indicator of how we are; the Cups are the open book in which we can read about the person. “If I look at the Cup of Man, that someone has made, I know the man.” M Keshe

By looking into the Cup of Man you can see if your physicality wants to use the Corona to get rid of the physical existence or if the Soul is so generous that she is prepared to initiate the fusion with the soul of the physicality?

From this day (April 16th 2020) Humanity has entered a new phase; you will see the elevation of many souls. From now on the passing on of knowledge is in the hands of the Universal Council and the political guidance in the hands of the Earth Council.” M Keshe

That means that humanity is not governed anymore by political organizations; now the Universal Council is streamlining what happens on this planet with the Universal context. That will become more and more visible as the old structures crumble and there will be nobody available or able or willing to replace them. We saw that already in Iran with Mrs Mohammadi , who is actually “running the country” on the local levels.

The advent of the 1Cup1Life and the Cup of Man gave to us a new common base of Peacefulness. This new common ground enables a new dimension of existence on the planet, the peaceful coexistence of all beings; the lower-than-animal behaviour has been taken out of the Soul of Humanity. The Kf prepared this new dimension by many many actions and developments, that we are maybe not even aware of; but now the new level of existence is reached. And this new level enables many people to understand more at a much quicker pace. This whole development reflects of course in the teachings of M. Keshe: the turning point for humanity came in 2018 when he changed the teachings to almost entirely focus on the Soul Teachings.

On a socio-political level all our lives will change in a significant way: the nations will support all their citizens because they exist – like all other creatures living on this planet have always lived. It will be something akin to the Basic Income. Then when people will see all their needs fulfilled, they will get back to their community, state and nation and ask them: “Now what can i do for you? I am a doctor, a handy man, a nurse or a cleaner… now that my needs are met, I would like to know how I can contribute to the welfare of the community?”

More and more governments pay to all their citizens a compensation during the Cororna crises and with the imminent fall of the Rothchilds and cohorts, much more funds will be available to be dealt out to all until our Souls are elevated to the point where we don’t need no material support anymore.

And as more and more of us are embracing the Universal Principle “We are here to serve” , the Corona virus will disappear on it’s own because he has fulfilled his purpose. As a consequence the corona teams will be dissolved because there is not need for them in the post-corona era.

Think about it: all the 1Cup1Life and all the Cup of Man are made of the same material worldwide; so they are all connected and together they created the base of the ascend to the new dimension.

You will see it in the next few weeks: we have taken the governing out of the hands of those who were elected to the Soul of those who are devoted.

It is the receiver who decides

Excerpt from the ksw174 by Celine Wang

You can create a Cup of Man for a friend; and it is crucial that the friend consents to interact with his/her Soul. This also impacts the way the Cup of Man will work for him/her. It is always the receiver who decides what he wants to receive, not the giver.

When you live within a structure like the Planet, in a way you haven’t been given the freedom to decide how others use you. You only look what you put in your mouth and you think you consume everything, but you have to understand the body of man is a converter. In conventional physics there is a low of conservation of energy; it says that in the Universe energy is never lost but only transformed from one form into another. So you convert any energy you consume into something that feeds the others.

In that process of conversion you consume what others have transformed inside their organism; and what you consume, you transform into another energy, which other beings may need for their existence. We exist because of the conversions of other beings and the other beings exist, because of the conversion we do with our body. It’s not a one way traffic; it’s an intricate web of interdependence.

If you would keep all the energy you take in, you would swell like a balloon. By time your 50, you’ll be the size of a Nation. But that’s not the case, because we give energy back. We all take part in a universal conversion process. There is always a giver and there is always a taker and nobody has to worry because all is given freely.

And in that process of giving and taking, it is the receiver who decides what he needs and wants to receive, not the giver.

I always say to Caroline, “I give everything, I give my life, I give my love.” Depends who wants to take what from it and then they elevate to that level.

Who is the Police of the Universe?

In space, in the Universe, there is no police, no judges, no prison. The Universe works according to the Universal Principle: We are here to serve. All our actions are for the best of All. There is not outer authority but that doesn’t mean there is no authority at all.

The police is the emotional mind of Man who always has to balance with the Soul. And if you understand this – you police yourself – then nothing can go wrong.

But if you take what is not given to you, you’ll find out that life will be very short. Try one thing: Don’t think “I am going to be correct”, but live “I am correct”. And everything will work out just fine!

The problem is that we have a very bad habit: there is a most beautiful picture with a little young black girl sitting with the most beautiful blonde, blue-eye girl on a branch of a tree. She says, “Can I lick you? Do you taste like chocolate?”

Why do we need to lick to taste, while we can do everything with the Soul? That tasting, is the biggest problem for mankind. Why do we barbecue animals? We love the taste… What would an animal from Planet Zeus taste like? Or what would you say if someone from planet Zeus grabs your baby because he thinks she looks tempting and smells delicious. And that will start the whole cycle of killing – only to be able to taste.

But you can also ask “Can I have your fields of emotion to know how they interact with me? That I can manifest myself, my Emotion, in respect to what you give me.” Then you find out, you don’t need to consume. It’s like you can enjoy the view of a beautiful woman or man without needing to posses him or her – just watching how the beauty you see elevates your soul!

For mankind to pass this point, will be the biggest test for Man: Do we need to eat everything or can we rely on the emotion that it giving to us? Do we even have to see it or can we feel with our Soul the emotion of the entity?

To access and process the emotion, from the fields we receive from the Soul, is the biggest dilemma for mankind. And many shall fail. And those who fail to understand it, will stay confined to this Planet.

There is no examination, it’s the Man who tests himself. According to the strength of his Soul and the conversion of the emotion to physicality according to his position. You got to realize in this process that the strength of the Emotion is a filter.