How to connect to the Cup of Man

The following examples and experiences are using the Cup of Man; however all these exercises are valuable for the work or pleasure with any of the Cups.

This experience has been shared by a UC member

  1. Make sure you are not disturbed and sit or stand in front of the cups.
  2. Connect to your cups by letting the energy flow from you heart to cups; after some time you will feel something. That “something” is different for everybody – trust your own feeling of connection.
  3. Then you can ask the Cup to connect you to the Universal Community, the Source of Creation, or a person you love; be very gentle, be like a child asking his loving mother and wait. Something may come up to confirm the connection.
  4. We can ask this universal connection for help with many issues in our lives: how to get closer to our Soul, how to transform feelings of worry, heartache, powerlessness or how to help others with diseases or problems. You could use phrases like this: “Beloved Soul I ask you to show me, in whichever way looks appropriate for you, how I (my issue) can be helped. Thank you my Soul.”
  5. Trust that the Soul decides the perfect timing to give you the signs; it can be right away, it can be after days or weeks… just trust. When you received the sign, be happy and grateful. “Oh thank you!”.

How to connect with the Vertical People

First the facts: by habit we are “takers” and we consider animals and plants as “givers”; we expect them to even give their lives to satisfy our needs; while we are giving really nothing or worse still, we pay them with suffering in industrial farms. Plants and animals give unconditionally to us while we just gobble them up.

This is something we would like to change now; a lopsided exploitation in our favour could be changed into a balanced interaction which gives both parties equal benefits. We could make the change and feed ourselves by the fields, on the plasmatic level, freeing us from “killing for sustenance”.

Do it in a soft way; don’t force anything:

  1. Install yourself in the proximity of a plant. Now your fields and the fields of the plant can interact. Try not expect anything in particular – just be open and curious about what you may feel. You can first move the palms of your hands slowly and respectfully towards the plant – or you can lovingly touch the plant to initiate the connection.
  2. Give your attention, love and consciousness to the plant first. Be grateful that she is there, love her for her form, her aliveness, her beauty. Or simply tell her: “I give freely from my Soul; please take what you need.
  3. Then ask her to give you the fields that you need to sustain your body. She will do that immediately because of her unconditional love.

Cup of Earth

One of the biggest problems of humanity is that she converts everything into the knowledge of physicality. We have to start trusting; we have to understand the process of creation; and with that we’ll become independent.” M. Keshe

The 5 stack units of the Cup of Earth has a Soul, a soul of the physicality and the physicality; it has all the parts of a living being – you created it and you are responsible for it. In this process we can learn the true process of creation, the creation by thoughts and love. That’s why, when we create the cup, we “pray”; that means we give from our Soul to her, so she can grow into the stronger plasma elevating us, the weaker plasma.

On the image to the right you see a Cup of Earth made by an Iranian knowledge seeker. We can see different light intensities in the different cups: the one of the Soul on the top, for example, is very bright and the cup of inertia is very dim. Each light is the confirmation of the Soul; M. Keshe adds that each light is Soul of the Creator.

From this point onwards, we can explore our relationship with it: how to we feel, how do we react when we come near her? And also in the other direction: how does the cup#2 and #3 change according to our emotion? Take the time to explore this in order to learn how these cups interact with you.

You may detect a pulsation, a vibration or a heartbeat. The heartbeat is essential in the Universe for the release of plasmatic energy.

These systems are a sandbox for us to learn field interaction. The knowledge we can gain from interacting with them will serve us with the new generation of communication devices and computers.

If you see what I see, you will not touch a mobile; the memory bank of the Soul is in front of you. It’s all within you; you have the key – uncover it to access the knowledge of the Universe.

Remember the golden rule: if you ask with love and care – it will be given to you. You never need to take or to steal.

Knowledge has to be felt and not understood; knowledge has to touch the beauty of the physicality and touching it, it elevates the soul of the physicality.

Every plasma, like every cell of the human body is connected with every plasma in all the Universes; on this level we are ALL, omniscient, omnipresent and all powerful. On this level we have a heartbeat to release the energy to create whatever we want. M. Keshe

Cup of Soul, how she works

We have to understand now that on the Soul-level only energy exists as a plasma and you have only nano-materials, so there is no dimension of physicality. So we have to make it and then feel what it does to us. We only need to observe – it is very important not to interfere. With the Cup of Soul we are forced to move away from the materiality to the world of fields.

The GaNS produced in the Cup of Soul will be having the field strength level of the Soul; the Cup#1 has the strength of the Soul of physicality and Cup#2 the strength of the body of the man.

With this configuration you match the energy levels of the Corona in the strength of the emotion that does not allow the conversion. Don’t worry about the production of GaNS from the Cup of Soul; don’t look at the matter level. We are looking for the energy of the GaNS.


We may see that one or two coils of the Cup of Soul vibrating or oscillating; we may also see new colours of GaNS as the Soul manifests in new dimensions of physicality. The right energy that we need will be formed underneath the central zinc coil.

In the setup of the Cup of Soul, a glass has been put under the central Zn coil and it showed that nothing tangible has been produced; however, this glass is FULL OF LIFE. If your cup is producing GaNS as visible materials, that reflects how deep your community or yourself are engrained into the matter level: “Now you have to trust emptiness, the way you trusted the GaNS before”. M. Keshe


For prevention use the known protocols. For a person who is infected do the following protocol:

  1. Take the GaNS from the bottom of the Cup of Soul and add it 20-40% to all your applications.
  2. Rub the mixture with you hands on every part of your body because the Soul exists in every cell.
  3. You can also spray it or hang it in ping-pong balls around your house.
  4. You can use it on humans, animals and plants alike

With the Cup of Soul it may be easier to get closer to your Soul and you may better understand the operation between the physicality and the Soul. The Cups of Soul will, just like the Cup of Man before, link up amongst themselves and also connect all beings on this planet; thus creating a true Dome of Peace. In the same way as the Corona has quickly spread across the whole planet, so will do the Cups of Soul.

The Corona did actually not only affect the beings living directly on the surface of the planet but also the beings way above in the higher levels of the atmosphere, beings which have no body. In this way Corona has encircled the whole of the planet on every level.

With the Cup of Soul, you will now see a rapid development; you will see the eradication of many diseases and you will see painless life and you will feel the love of the Creator. This is the opening of the door to the Universal Community.

When mankind finds the true love, mankind is elevated to the dimension of the Soul of the Creator. There should be no fear of Corona, if you have managed to crown your head with the Soul, the true essence of creation. This is the secret of everlasting life. Many of you will fail because your desire is not truly to serve humanity but your ego.

On march 21st 2021 is the beginning of spring and the beginning of life. A new life will start on that day as we promised; a new life for mankind. In so many ways in the next few months mankind will mature so fast that we all will go beyond everything we have known for millions of years. And don’t forget, the whole humanity will adapt. As of today we elevate the Soul of all those who breath on this planet.” M. Keshe

Cup of Earth, functioning

First let us look at which level of the Cup of Earth corresponds to which aspect of our own system;

  1. The Cup of Soul = the Soul of Man
  2. The Cup No.1 = the Soul of the physicality of Man
  3. The Cup No.2 = the physicality of Man
  4. The Cup No. 4 = the soul of the physicality of the Earth (inertia)
  5. The Cup No. 5 = the Soul of the Earth (Gravitation)

This setup is the replication of the totality of the life of the man on Earth.

The Cup of Earth enables us to feed ourselves by the Soul; thus we become independent of material food and don’t need to be killing other beings to sustain ourselves. The Soul will satisfy the soul of physicality (mind) on the emotional level, which, in turn, will take care of the physical body by allowing the Soul to supply all the physical body needs on a plasmatic level.

The emotional interaction between the Soul and the soul of physicality will also affect other emotional aspects of our life. We may be able to learn languages in a much more rapid and different way. We may be able to remember how to communicate on the Soul level by sharing images in the mind instead of using language with our material voice box.

When making the Cup of Earth, think of the good for humanity, all other beings and Mother Earth, who sustains us all. Done with the intention to fulfil the Universal Principle (We are here to serve and all we think, say and do shall be for the good of All), the Cup of Earth will produce all the things that we need in your life. She will produce very different “materials” than the individual units were producing as stand-alone units. The colour of the GaNS will change, they will not be the same. “You will see new colours, because now you have made a setup for the work that needs to be done according to what the love of man is in respect to the Love of his Creator.” M. Keshe


Each component cup of the Cup of Earth has a purpose. For example the 5th cup, the Inertia of the Earth has the purpose to bring us back to exactly the place where we made this Cup of Earth. It so to say carries the coordinates of “your home”; and as such it can bring you back to your home from any place in any universe.

Cup of Earth, Protocols

  • Plasma Feeding
    1 drop of the Liquid Plasma of any of the cups of the Cup of Earth will feed us for 1 day. It will not feed you in a conventional way; rather it will satisfy you emotion in a positive way; some people may even get high on it. This is the bandwidth of man’s understanding.
  • Elevation of the Soul
    With the plasma of Cup#1 and the Cup#2 you will elevate your Soul.
  • Psychosomatic conditions
    Use the plasma of Cup#2 and Cup#3
  • Evolution related conditions (allergies)
    Use Cup#4 and Cup#5.

Cup of EarthII

Plasma Feeding: 1Drop1Life

Take a little bit out of every cup of the five; then take one drop of this mix; it will feed you for the whole day.

This drop is not working as a supplement or highly concentrated food, which, after ingestion, will release it’s energy to the body. Rather each drop contains all the fields available to Man on this planet. And these fields can attract all the fields of the Universe: the low concentration of the fields in one drop put the human body in the position of the weaker plasma that then will naturally be fed by the stronger fields of the Universe.

In the beginning of our life, when we were still a small fetus in the womb of our mother, we had no will, we had no mind to worry or to communicate: everyone of our needs was immediately satisfied via our connection to the plasma world in the amniotic fluids of the womb. There was not even a need for communication; the mother didn’t need to pay attention to know the need of her child in order to satisfy it. No, it happened naturally – the instant the fetus spends energy for movement or growth, the spent energy is replaced at the same instant. Simultaneously every activity of the fetus can be seen as a magnetic ray that he is giving out to other entities around him. Mothers are overjoyed when they feel the movement of the new life inside her; that feeling feeds them!

So in the early stages of our life, we have been always in the position of the weaker to be fed by the stronger fields of the mother, the earth and the galaxy. And the trust that this system works was never even questioned. Each embryo has the absolute trust that he will receive everything he needs by the unconditional love of the mother. The absolute trust and unconditional love are the two sides of the same coin.

Later on we cut ourselves off from this perfect circle of giving and taking by “separating” ourselves from the mother, from the Universe. And we see our parents eating fruits, vegetables and animals – that is very attractive to us and so we want to do the same. We are also learning that taking is easier than asking; we grow strong and proud. Gradually we are becoming more lazy, too arrogant and too lazy to ask. We forget that when we ask, we will be given… and we get used to taking without thinking if it has been given… and we disregard that taking what has not been given is stealing…

Consequently when we would be able to get back into this humble position of the weaker plasma together with a complete trust in existence, we would be able to access the same unlimited resource once more. 1Drop1Life is supposed to do just that.

Let’s look at this from another angle; let’s look at animals, which include us; and plants, which we call the “horizontal people”. Us as well as the vertical people have the same trinity: Soul, soul of the physicality and body. But each of these two trinities are configured in a different way: both exist on the basis of Mother Earth but plants are like upside-down people. Our body is topped by the soul of our physicality which is topped by the Soul. In the plants, the Soul is topped by the soul of physicality, which is topped by the body.

In a plant the soul is in the middle (at the junction of the roots and the trunk). They are in a fixed position: “I stay in the center and let the fields build around me.” The plant condition is dictated mainly by the Soul of the physicality of the planet (inertia); they can only use what is available at the position they find themselves in. Then the physicality strength in respect to inertia, will determine how the plant will grow: if the gravity is tight, a herb will grow; if the gravity is loose a big tree will grow. If the gravity is more or less balanced with the inertia, you will get beets and onions – plants that will mainly grow underground. We know that the plates are the limiting factors of the cups; in the plant cup version the plates are in the centre signifying the fixed position.

In the cups, the center part determines the anchoring and the peripheral parts indicates what is flexible. In the cups for the Man the plates are in the periphery, while in the cups for the plants, the plates are in the centre.

In our cups, the plates are in the periphery; in the flexible zone; therefore we can decide where we want to “take roots”. We can make a connection between our Soul and the Soul of the plant, put ourselves in a weaker position (ask the plant to give us the fields we need for our sustenance) and get fed. At the same time we give to the plant what she needs: our trust and love.

If we understand the difference in the configuration of the vertical people, we can learn how our Soul in interaction with the Soul of the plant can create a condition where the vertical people give what we need without the necessity for us to take a single leaf. We will be able to receive what we need on the level of the Soul.

The above schematic of our trinity built on the foundation of Mother Earth is used to create a replica in the Cup of Earth/Man Version. We can use the left part of the same schematic to make the equivalent for the vertical people: the Cup of Earth/Plant Version but the plant version and use the energies or fields created in this way to feed ourselves. Then we can use a real plant or their Cup; putting ourselves into the weaker position and ask her to feed us: “Can I have the pleasure of receiving the Universal fields through you that they may satisfy all the needs of my body without the need to kill.For our question to work we have to put ourselves in a position of humbleness; a position where we are receptive and not demanding. And we have to trust (that is our unconditional giving) in order to receive from them what we need. In other words we have to come from the place where our wishes are already fulfilled.

M. Keshe also points out that we should stop looking at the cups but instead look at the fields: the fields are not going out by themselves; they need an interaction; a giving and taking.

All the Cups are nothing but schematics to help us understand the creation. Then in deepening the understanding of how the Universe works, we change our behaviour and our perception in order to be in a non resistive flow with all the other entities following the Universal Principle.” M. Keshe

The only common denominator for both of the cup series is the cup#5, the Soul of Mother Earth. Cup #4, the soul of the physicality of Mother Earth or Inertia is not a common denominator because the inertia varies according to the materials found in different places on the planet.

If we look at the energy flow inside the cups, we see that in both the cups and beings we have a torus shape; the energy in both versions moves in the same direction. But because the trinity in the plants is inverted in comparison to the trinity of man, the energy flows from the Earth to the Soul of the plant, then to her soul of physicality and then to her body. Whereas in the trinity of the man the energy touches first the physicality and then the soul of the physicality and finally the Soul. The plant trinity is a constellation that supports giving from the soul! It shows the structural commitment of the plant to the planet and to the Universal Principle. We, on the other hand have the “freedom” to deliberately separate ourselves from the Universal Principle and live in the illusion of the prodigious son.

The red line shows the feeding: the Soul of the plant, who is structurally integrated into the Universal Principle, cannot be anything but being a giver. It constantly gives across the soul of physicality to the body of the plant. Now when we adopt the humble, weaker position and generate gratitude to the plant, then the energy flow from the plants’ Soul will also touch us, thereby feeding our Soul, which in turn satisfies the soul of physicality and downstream our body.