Washing the GaNS

You need to wash the salt out of the GaNS to be able to drink it and spray it on the body.

When you have multiple productions going, mix the produced GaNS before you wash them; they become more powerful in this way.

Here’s what you need:

  1. A syringe with a narrow tube attached to it; the tubes inside spray bottles fit quite well on a syringe.
  2. A 1 litre glass container with a lid. Label it “GaNS washing
  3. A gallon plastic container. Label it “Environment”
  4. A 1 litre glass bottle (or bigger). Label it “Personal”

Here’s how you wash your GaNS:

  1. Use a syringe  and syphon off the GaNS from the bottom of the production.
  2. Put this harvested GaNS into the GaNS Washing container. Replenish the production glass with the 15% salt water solution.
  3. Fill the GaNS Washing container up with drinking water, close the lid, shake it and let the GaNS settle down.
  4. Once the liquid above the GaNS is completely clear, pour this first liquid only into the 15% Salt water bottle to use it again  for the Production.
  5. Fill the GaNS Washing container again with drinking water, close the lid, shake and let settle.
  6. Collect the second and following salt waters into the Environment container. It is used for Environmental applications. Refill, shake and let settle.
  7. After the 5th or the 6th round of washing, the Liquid Plasma should not taste salty anymore. Pour this into your glass Storage container for drinking and spraying the body (Personal Plasma).

The Multiplication of the Liquid Plasma

Rember that the GaNS is the powder on the bottom of the glass and the Liquid Plasma is the clear liquid on top. Never use the GaNS for ingestion or spraying of the body – only the liquid plasma. The GaNS is only used to multiply your reserve of liquid plasma.

Here is the correct procedure to multiply the Liquid Plasma endlessly in the presence of the 1C1L-GaNS:

  1. Pour the entire result of your production (or the contents of the little bottle when you have gotton the GaNS from someone else) into a 1000ml glass jar with a tight lid.
  2. Fill the jar with drinking water and close the lid.
  3. Shake the jar to mix the GaNS with the water; let it settle for 12 hours until the liquid plasma above the GaNS is completely clear.
  4. Use a syringe to take only the clear liquid from the top of the glass to use it.
  5. When your jar is half empty, repeat the procedure from point 2.

Storing the GaNS

You can store GaNS in glass bottles; if you don’t have glass bottles, plastic bottles will do also. Make sure that there is 1cm of GaNS at the bottom the bottle. The GaNS is necessary to keep the Liquid Plasma active and powerful and to give the people the possibility to multiply the liquid plasma.

Shelf life of Liquid Plasma

Liquid Plasma without any GaNS particles has a shelf life of 6-12 months; when the liquid plasma contains GaNS the shelf life extends for centuries.

Testing the quality of the Liquid Plasma

You can test the Liquid Plasma with a pH meter, if it is around 8 (alkaline) it is Liquid Plasma. Normal drinking water, even if it is brought to a higher pH, it will not be able to hold it for long.

A second way to test it is to put it in the freezer: if it shows the magrav lines in the ice – it’s good liquid plasma.