How it works

The one you choose depends on the strength of your Soul and of our capacity to convert the language and the energies of the Soul on the level where we understand.

The three components of the 1C=1L work together like this: the CuO takes the energy out of the virus; the CO2 creates the connection and the ZnO links to the emotions. This is how it works first of all on the Soul level and then cascades down on the body level to allow the body to heal the symptoms.

The 1C=1L, by breathing and drinking from it, strengthens the Soul which subsequently strengthens the soul of the virus to give it satisfaction of life; and this is how most of the processes of reversal occur.” M. Keshe

The field strength of the GaNS is continuously transferred to the water; it withdraws the energy from the virus until it collapses.

In the cleaning up Fukushima nuclear waste we learned that drinking the Liquid Plasma can extract radioactive materials as well as radiation out of the body. These are the highest energy packs that exist; and we know that viruses are also energy packs. Therefore both can be taken out of the body by drinking and washing with Liquid Plasma. In a sense, Fukushima was a pre-run of the corona theme.

On another level, the dealing with the WCV is a preparation of the Human race to travel into space, because in space viruses are ubiquitous.


Homeopathy tells us that there are 12 salts in the body of the man; these salts don’t work on the physical level, they are the manifestations of the plasmatic energies or GaNS coming from the Soul through emotions. The salinity dictates which energies are absorbed or rejected into our body.

The salinity dictates also the pH of our body. A pH of 7 is neutral, everything above is alkaline or gravitational, while the scale below is acidic or magnetic. In the case of a virus infection the pH of the body will change to acidic levels – that’s why we administer higher pH levels with the GaNS and drain the energy out. The change of salinity is also responsible for the build-up of the edema in the lungs. The application of the 1C=1L-GaNS changes the pH and re-establishes the normal or original salinity structure in the lungs; consequently they will revert to their physiological functioning.

If you apply a liquid Plasma which has a lower pH than the virus (pH 7), you feed the virus.

The reverse is true also: we can replicate emotions by changing the salts on a plasma level, by changing the GaNS in their field strength.
The different salts are leading to the creation of the various tissues and organs in our body; they dictate the pressure, the thickness and other qualities of the blood as well. It dictates the strength of the emotion of the man in the physicality. It translates the emotions from the physical plane to the Soul and these data become the directions for the behaviour of the man. Its the alignment of the emotions from the physical level with the Soul that decide if the physiological, healthy or normal production of the salts is allowed or not. This means that it’s the interactions of our emotions with our Soul decide how our body is working. Our emotions/mind decides in which shape our body is. We know already that our body has enough wisdom to car totally for itself, we don’t need to interfere at all – actually any interference on our part will disturb the proper workings. Why? Because every interference is based on the perception of “this is not working, this is not right”; that’s why every interference reinforces the “not working”.

If the interaction is harmonious and not contradictory, our system will shelter us from viruses almost without us knowing it. If we completely understand this, the Corona virus will stop being a threat.

On another level the virus directs us away from GaNS and matter state reactions, because the virus itself if only an energy pack. By using the plasma fields we adapt very quickly to any mutation of the virus.


You have to adopt a weaker position where you are humble enough to receive the field strength of the virus. This is by the way the only way mankind will survive in space.

You could also be the stronger one and feed the virus until he comes up to your strength, meaning it becomes the same as you.

Cup of Man

How it works I

The third 1Cup1Life (1C1L-3) is called Cup of Man.


The Cup of Man is not made to produce GaNS; she is made to balance our fields, to bring our soul of physicality in alignment with our Soul.

  1. Install the Cup of Man so you can stand before it as equals – one in front of the other.
  2. Give from your Soul to the Cup: “I give freely from my Soul to you, please take what you need. I am present.”
  3. Just stand in connection with her and allow her to balance your soul of the physicality with your Soul.
  4. Thank her for being here for all of us.

All the 1C1L cups are created as Souls; and they are giving Souls because they are balanced. And each particle of the GaNS is a sun on it’s own. We call them “pure Souls”. Whenever we turn to our Soul by saying “We are here to serve”, we are tuning into this energy of pure Souls, and we are more and more becoming pure as them.

We have learned already that we have to shift our identity from our mind or personality to our Soul. There are many ways to do that. We can, for example give time to our Soul in our meditations. Or we can look into our eyes through a mirror and tell her that we want to serve her – a declaration of love!

Now we have been given the CoM. It will help us to elevate the Soul and the soul of the physicality, so they reach a state of harmony, they become one and the same. And then this will create what we could call “The Perfect Man”; the human being that is conscious and using it’s full potential to assume his role as a co-creator of splendid worlds.

In this process we first increase our emotional side with ZnO; in this process we will see more and more the major weakness in the physicality: killing living beings to feed ourselves. The clearer we see it the greater our possibility to overcome it.

This process has different degrees of difficulty depending on the culture we are brought up:

  • the Chinese understand yin/yang and their field interactions, they don’t really look at the cups but at the fields;
  • the Iranians want to see the physical effects of the fields and what they can do with it for their health, energy and so on;
  • the Europeans/Americans loose their time in discussing the purity of metal, the direction of winding and other such details.

Mankind has to work together to see that each culture carries a certain aspect of the whole and that the total understanding is only possible when we work all the different aspects together. “All depends on the intelligence of the man; do you bless the 1C1L before you make it or do you just push some wires in to see what it does? The purpose of the CoM was not the making; the purpose of the CoM was to teach man respect.” M Keshe.

On the material plane, we create children by physical interaction; with the CoM we have the ability to create a new Soul being without passing through the physicality at all! And the Soul we have created stays connected to us; we can use it to help us bridging the gap between our soul of physicality and our Soul of Man. We can use it to walk that bridge to become our Soul of Man.

But we should be aware that the creation of this CoM brings much more responsibility to us: up to now we could do wrong to our Soul and keep up the illusion that we could hide our wrong doing in front of our Soul – we just didn’t look at her. Now we have two or more Souls that are all around us and watch over us – now wherever we turn, we will face a Soul.

Have you ever been fallen in Love? In reality Corona is Love because, at it’s origin it has no physicality, it’s just an energy pack; love also is just energy. And all the 1C1L versions are above all fields, just energy, no physicality. That’s where we are going together! M Keshe

The Cup of Man is Not for Sale

Warning: The 1Cup1Life is not to be sold; it has been given to support people; it is a gift to us, it is a gift to be given and you cannot steal from a gift. To sell the 1Cup1Life is like the Chinese government wanting to sell the technology that has been given for free from the Keshe Foundation to other countries like Iran pretending that it is their technology.

How it works II

The Cup of Man is actually your Universal Enhancement Unit at home. The Cup of Man is the Oasis System for your home.

When you do the Cup of Man, do not look at the GaNS in the cup, look into the Soul of the Cup; it’s there that you’ll find your strength. And it’s there where you become the twin of the set!” M. Keshe

The Cup of Man is the interaction between the soul of the physicality and the Soul of Man; this interaction is directly connected with our own Soul.

With each of the two cups we have been shown how to look after our physicality. With the Cup of Man, we have been shown how to elevate our Soul. The purpose of the Cup of Man is not to make GaNS for various applications; the Cup of Man is the Soul of the Creator – always giving. The bridge or the interaction between the Cup of Man and our Soul is Love. Our inclination in reverence to the Soul of the Creator. Our declaration of Love to our Soul.

The Cup of Man is not an idol; it’s physicality is entirely trivial and the looks of it will surely not make us bend our knees in front of a new idol… How intelligent! We are guided straight to the essence, to the Tao of the Cup of Man: when we know the field that She has, we want nothing more than to expose our whole trinity (Soul, mind and body) to her, to be loved, to be healed, to be transported to a new level of being!

To contact the Soul is very easy: it is like when you walk to your sleeping children in middle of the night, you kiss them and tell them “I love you” – then they turn around and smile. Now in a way we have become the child of the Cup of Man.

The Cup of Man has been given to us so we can create our own destiny; so we can put the crown of the (co-)creator on our head.

Those of you who understand the work of the Cup of Man, don’t need to evolve with it – let it evolve with you – soon you will understand. We are not giving you a cup that protects your physicality, we’re giving you the knowledge to elevate your Soul so that the Soul decides if the physicality gets the protection – that is a very big difference. Rely on your Soul and see what it does.M Keshe

Mankind will mature through the Soul and the Soul of those who matured first will become the light for the others.


However here are some practical tricks: in the near future many regions of the planet will run out of medications; not only to treat the virus but also medications people used before. For example a person with depression could take an antidepressant pill, wrap it into a plastic bag and place it into the physical Cup#2.
If you have any psychosomatic condition, try to understand why you have the condition, try to understand why your Soul has given you this condition – what is it that she wanted to tell you? Do these meditations near the Cup of Man.
A drug addict asked M. Keshe for help because with everything closing down, the prices of the drugs skyrocketed – he answered to put his problem into the cup#1 to control through the Soul and not through the physicality; we elevate the Soul so that the physicality does not count anymore.

How it works III

You have to go inwards and increase the boundaries of your Soul, so the body is inside her and Corona doesn’t work, it cannot work.” M Keshe


Here a mathematical approach to explain how the Cup of Man works:


  1. the Soul of Man

  2. the soul of the physicality

  3. Cup of Man #1 (Cup of the Soul)

  4. Cup of Man #2 (Cup of the body)

The above equation shows that the interaction between our Soul and our mind is the same as the interaction between the Soul-cup and the Body-cup in the Cup of Man.

If you divide the above equation by C and B, you get:

A/C =D/B

The Soul of Man is in relation to the Soul-cup what the soul of physicality is to the body-cup.

Anyone who suffers from anything has only to look for the balance in the Cup of Man in order to re-establish his/her own balance. Often the Soul of Man is suffering from the misconduct of the personality in the material realm; so we have to look to the balance in the Cup of Man to invite the balance back into our life. Then whatever happens will be the wish of the two souls and not the will of the personality; or in other words it will be the wish of the Universal Principle and not the will of our ego.

At Easter Christianity celebrates how Christ overcame the cross or the material bondage. Now during the Corona challenge, we as a Humanity have the choice to either stay on the cross or to resurrect completely and walk away from the cross forever. The Choice is given to the Soul of the Man and not to his physicality!

Man does not need to understand the workings of the Universe, if he understands the workings of his own Soul, because his Soul IS the Universe. The teachings of the Keshe Foundation in past years have given us all the ingredients to make the cake and the Corona pandemic brings the necessary heat to bake it – now we can enjoy it!

We can compare the field lines of our Soul to the field lines that we see when iron filings make the fields of a magnet visible. Each of these lines connects us to a “space”: When we follow one magnetic field line of our Soul it may take us to mars (a) and following another we may get together with our mother.

And as you see in the image the field lines are circular; that means they are going to a particular “place” and are coming back to where they originated. The same is the case for the fields of a magnet only the fields are becoming so weak in the growing distance from the magnet that the iron dust doesn’t react anymore.

The Cup of Man cannot be abused because it is in the state of balance which is the most powerful state.

When we allow being realigned by the Cup of Man, we are set free from the fetters of the material dimension. Then we don’t live anymore in the 3D world, then we live as a Soul who loves to use a body to be able to enjoy the love of the blue planet. Then the Soul will directly take care of all the needs to keep the body happy: food, temperature, energy, movement – all.

And all this in the direct way: using the energy packs from the center of the Unicos to create whatever is needed in the interaction with the wish of the Soul inside the environment of Mother Earth.

How it works IV

There are some reasons why your plasma device, like the 1Cup1Life doesn’t work.

First question to ask yourself: Did you change deliberately something in the setup, because you want to be the one who knows more and better than everyone else?

If not, can you trust your Soul that it made the setup exactly for what you need at this moment? If you cannot accept that, maybe you are too afraid or too lazy to trust your own Soul?

The Beauty of this technology is that it gives you what you need when you need it; as long as you don’t interfere with your mind that always knows better. You even don’t need to understand the technology to benefit by it.

When you are hungry, you know you are hungry and you go for the food. Mankind has to learn that when you’re hungry for enlightenment (elevation of your Soul), you’ll receive it. But don’t expect it to be there today or tomorrow.” M Keshe

The way you get close to your Soul, is simple: just be alone, undistracted and give space to her.

You don’t need to make a Cup of Man if you have a partner with whom you are in a close relationship; he is already very close to you. And it works both ways; your partner can be the Cup of Man for you and you can be the Cup of Man for her. Even if your partner has a cancer, you can overcome it if the love is there.