You find the complete infos as well as the introductory video of M. Keshe on the Keshe Foundation Wiki page.

It is very important to follow EXACTLY the procedure for how to make a 1C1L otherwise you will NOT get the best result.

Material list

  • 2x 30cm copper wire, multi-strand, AWG14
  • 3x 20cm LAN wire (AWG 20)
  • 1x Zinc plate (Battery, 1.5V, Ryovac D)
  • Glass container
  • Ordinary sea salt without iodine and fluoride
  • Wood stick (barbecue scewer or small branch)
  • Electrical tape
  • Tools: plyers, exacto, pencil, gas torch or -burner

The thickness or materiality of the metals need to correspond to the size of your container. Make 5+ productions at the same time; they create variable field strength which will well adapt to the mutations of the virus. After harvesting, you can mix the GaNS of all production to wash out the salt. Do not dismantle the cups for harvesting, take the GaNS out with a syringe and tube. When a metal part is corroded away, replace it.

  1. Intention
    Make a wish to create a GaNS that will save lifes and help many people: “I give freely from my Soul for you to take what you need. I am the River of Life
  2. Glass container
    Use only glass containers without a lid, plastic containers will yield a weaker result in terms of plasma fields (because of their C=H bond).
  3. Prepare the copper wires
    1. Cut two pieces of 30m of AWG14 multistrand copper wire (a)
    2. With an exacto make a cut along the wire (b)
    3. Open the cut at one end and pull the copper strands out all the way
    4. Hold the wire with two hands and turn them in opposite directions to twist the strands together (c)
    5. Cut 20cm of AWG20 (LAN wire) copper wire and strip of 2cm of insulation on both ends
  4. Prepare the bare copper coil
    1. Turn the AWG14 wire around a pencil to make a coil; leave 3cm straight
    2. Attach the AWG20 wire to the coil
  5. Prepare the nano-coated copper coil
    1. Nano coat the AWG 14 copper wire: Move it slowly through the flame of a gas torch or a gas burner for cooking; wait until the part in the flame turns bright red before moving on. The wire will turn black when it cools down.
    2. Once the nano-coated wire is cool enough to touch, twist it around a pencil into a coil.
    3. Attach the AWG20 wire to the coil
  6. Prepare the Zinc Plate
    1. Get a Zinc plate from a hardware store or recycle it from a used battery (only Carbone-zinc batteries; no Alcaline!)
    2. Cut it to the length of the copper coils you made.
    3. Punch a whole into one end of the plate with a hammer and a nail.
    4. Cut 20cm of AWG20 (LAN wire) copper wire and strip of 2cm of insulation on both ends
    5. Attach the AWG20 wire to the plate.
  7. Install the Zn plate and the Cu coils
    1. Connect the free end of the AWG20 wire from the copper coil to the free end of the AWG20 wire of the Zinc plate.
    2. Hang the zinc plate opposite the copper coil into the glass; they should be 2cm above the bottom of the glass. The GaNS production will stop as soon as it touches the plate or coils.
    3. Place the wood stick across the glass and hang the nano coated copper coil in the middle between the zinc plate and the bare copper coil; you can fix the wood stick with hot glue or tape if you want.
  8. Connect the battery
    1. Use a 1.5V, AA or AAA battery.
    2. Attach the nano coated copper coil to the minus of the battery with a strip of electrical tape. We connect the (-) of the battery to the nanocoated wire because we want to pull the environmental energy into the system.
    3. Attach the zinc plate/bare copper coil to the plus of the battery with a strip of electrical tape.
  9. Prepare the salt water
    1. Measure the volume of the glass container 3/4 full
    2. You will make a 15% salt solution. For 1 liter that means 150g salt. Dissolve the salt at room temperature and fill up the glass container so that the water level stays below the connections.
  10. Watch the Creation of GaNS
    1. GaNS (Gas in a Nano Solid state) is the white powder that settles on the bottom and sometimes at the top of the container. The clear liquid above the GaNS is called “Liquid Plasma”.
    2. If you see an oily film on the surface of your production, these are amino acids. Collect them and put them in a different container to add them back to the GaNS after having washed the latter.
    3. All colors of GaNS are o.k. except RUST RED (if this color turn up, something went wrong and you cannot use the GaNS)
    4. Sometimes gray or black particles also accumulate on the bottom – these are nano particles, they are totally o.k.
    5. If you are not certain about something, ask fellow knowledge seeker in the various facebook groups.

1Cup1Life – Twin Soul

  1. Use two 1C=1L setups
  2. Connect the Zn and the Cu in each cup together
  3. Connect the Cu-np of cup1 to the Cu/Zn of cup2
  4. Connect the Cu-np of cup2 to the Zn/Cu of cup1
  5. After production you have to wash all the salt out; no salt. The salty waters you use for environmental hygiene.

Each of the cups has a soul and both of them will interact.

  • Place the joining cables are placeda as far apart from each other as you can (green lines in the schematic below). T
  • Put the cups themselves apart, otherwise they may interfere in each other’s production. This is interesting: in order to make the interaction more powerful, each participant needs to be free and autonomous in her/his space first – like not too close to each other!!!

The GaNS produced in the twin cups, is much finer and less fluffy than the standard 1C1L. The production is also much slower.

Take care also that the two simple Cu coils face each other and the Zn plates are consequently on the outside.


This cup is basically set up in the same way as the 1C1L-1 with the following differences:

  1. The zinc plate is replaced by a copper plate or, when you don’t have copper plates, you can bend a copper wire to the plate shape (like an accordeon, photo)
  2. The 1C1L-2 has the salinity of the human body (3.67g/litre).

This cup produces a very powerful plasmatic anti-biotic: CuO.


1Cup1Life-3 (Cup of Man)

It would be good if every one can make his own Cup of Man. This setup is the combination of the original 1Cup1Life with the second 1Cup1Life.

  1. 1C1L-1: The Zn-plate is connected to the Cu-plate
  2. 1C1L-2: The two Cu-coils are connected together
  3. The Cu-np coil of cup1 is connected to the Cu-np coil of cup2 (green line)
  4. The Zn-plate and Cu-coil of cup1 are connected to the two Cu-coils of cup2 (blue line)
  5. The Connection between the Cu-np coils is connected to the connection between the uncoated parts (the green line to the blue line).
  6. The salt level in Cup #1 is 15% and in Cup #2 is 3.5%.

1Cup1Life – Cup of Soul

Here’s how the Cup of Soul is made:

The most important prerequisite is of course the intention with which we are making the Cup of Soul: if we make the Cup to create a fountain of youth for ourselves, our personal interest will have cheated us out and the cup will do nothing. If, however, we make the cup to serve (Universal Principle), we’ll find that we achieve more than we thought.

  1. Cut 2 peaces of zinc lengthwise and wind it around a stick to create a spiral; make a zinc plate as well; you can nano-coat all of them with NaOH
  2. Install 3 nano-coated zinc objects in a glass with a 15% salt solution
  3. Connect the the zinc plate to the opposite coil; and then, with another wire connect both of them to the center coil
  4. tConnect this connection of the zinc wires to the nano-coated copper wires of the Cup#1 and the Cup#2
  5. Connect the uncoated wires of Cup#1 and Cup#2 together
  6. if you use a battery, you connect it with the (-) to the nano-coated parts and the (+) to the uncoated parts.

Zinc coil from used batteries

  1. Open and empty a used carbon-zinc battery
  2. Flatten the zinc casing out and cut it alternating from left to right and right to left
  3. Bend and unfold the connected strips to make one single length
  4. Twist the length around a small tube to make a coil
  5. Nano-coat the coil: place it for 1 hour (or until it has become black) in a cold caustic solution
  6. Place it on a chicken mesh support into a plastic container with caustic liquid on the bottom and a coke bottle neck to mature the nano-coating for one night.
  7. Rinse the coil to take the caustic off
  8. install it into the Cup of Soul glass container

Cup of Earth, 1Drop1Life

Besides the latest effects of the Corona on rendering human beings crazy, impotent a sterile, the KF sees already food shortages coming up on the horizon as the foremost problems to tackle. To adapt to the changes the new technology of the 1Drop1Life is proposed. This is especially relevant considering that the NWO will be using the food shortages to enslave large parts of humanity. 1Drop1Life makes us invulnerable to this because mankind will be able to feed itself via the Soul. This teaching is released well ahead of time, so we have the time to be prepared.

Cup of Earth Fabrication

1Drop1Life is a new setup naturally developed on the original 1Cup1Life. Here is the development sequence:

  1. In the beginning there was 1Cup1Life#1 (Zn-plate + Nc-Cu-coil + Cu-coil)
  2. The 1Cup1Life#2 was added (Cu-accordion + Nc-Cu-coil + Cu-coil)
  3. The combination of 1Cup1Life#1and 1Cup1Life#2 became the Cup of Man
  4. The 1Cup1Life#3 was added (Nc-Zn-plate + Nc-Zn-coil + Nc-Zn-coil)
  5. The combination of the Cup of Man with the 1Cup1Life#3 became the Cup of Soul
  6. The 1Cup1Life#4 was added (Nc-Zn-coil + Nc-Iron-coil + Nc-Cu- coil)
  7. The combination of Cup of Soul with another 1Cup1Life#3 and 1Cup1Life#4 became the 5-cup constellation called the Cup of Earth

For the making of the Cup of Earth at this time it is important to first understand the principles of the Cup fully and stick absolutely to the procedure as explained. The reason? Well, we have first to learn the recipe in order to be able to make our first Soul-Cake a success.

Then the connections for each cup:

  1. Cup#1
    1. Connect the Nc-Zn-plate with a separate wire to the Nc-Zn-coil
    2. connect the connection 1a) with a separate wire to the central Nc-Zn-coil
  2. Cup#2
    1. connect the Zn-plate to the Cu-coil
  3. Cup#3
    1. connect the Cu-accordion to the Cu-coil
  4. Cup#4
    1. Connect the Nc-Zn-plate with a separate wire to the Nc-Zn-coil
    2. connect the connection 4a) with a separate wire to the central Nc-Zn-coil
  5. Cup#5
    1. Connect the Nc-Zn-plate with a separate wire to the Nc-Cu-coil
    2. Connect the connection 5a) to the central Nc-Fe-coil

Finally the connections between the 5 cups

  1. Connect the connection 1b) with a separate wire to the common connection “C”
  2. Connect the connection 2a with a separate wire to the connection 3a)
  3. Connect the central Nc-Cu-coil of Cup#2 with a separate wire to the common connection “C”
  4. Connect the central Nc-Cu-coil of Cup#3 with a separate wire to the common connection “C”
  5. Connect the connection 4b) with a separate wire to the common connection “C”
  6. Connect the connection 5b) with a separate wire to the common connection “C”

The components have to be stacked up vertically; so that all the nano-coated central coils are lining up like the spinal cord in our body. The setup delivers the fields and GaNS in their true, real-life configuration and thus will help us elevate our souls.

Place small glasses in the shots so that you can collect the specific fields not mixed with the others (the blue braquettes in the connection drawing):

  • under the central coil of Cup n°1
  • under the central reel of Cup n°4
  • under the 3 reels of Cup n°5

Most importantly, you are the Creator of this Being; in the process of creation you have established every dimension. Furthermore every detail of the setup is counting towards what the setup will be able to give you: the salinity, the number of turns in each coil, the shape and thickness of the plates and coils… “Now you have a living structure and then what you imagine will happen.” M. Keshe

The zinc plates are used to control the system; without them it may spin out of control; zinc plates contain the fields.

The choice of the salt content of the water inside the different cups will decide upon the interaction of the emotion and the physicality.

Cup of Earth/Plants, fabrication

The version of the Cup of Earth for plants has two major differences in regards to the man version: the sequence of the cups is inverted and the positioning of the plates versus the coils as well. Here are the details:

The connections are the same as the version Cup of Earth/Man: the outer electrodes are connected together and the center electrodes are connected together.



Cup of Earth III

We have 3 domains of life of the planet Earth: the vertical people (plants), the horizontal people (animals, humans) and the people in the liquid environments. These 3 domains can be replicated in 3 Cups of Earth:

 The Cup#1/liquid has a Cu-nc-c and a Zn-nc-c opposite each other and the tangible element in between them is to be replaced by the GaNS of CO2 and CH3.

The Cup#1 in this setup is the determinator; it stays constant; Cup#4 and Cup#5 as well as they represent Inertia and Gravity on this planet. Cup#2 and Cup#3 are variable depending on what we want to create. Here are some hints to what is possible:

  • We can play with the fields generated by the shape of the elements (spiral, plate, perforated or with a hole in the center) as well as the their positioning (horizontal, vertical) and the material they are made of…
  • If you want to produce liquids, you place the elements (for example the Cu-nc-c and the Zn-nc-c) horizontally instead of vertically. Horizontal arrangements isolate the systems, because the position of the horizontal plates block the energy flow form the environment inside the torus.
  • If you want to produce gases you put Cup#3 with the same horizontal plate configuration.
  • You can also put a nano-coated plate in Cup2 and a non coated plate in Cup3
  • you can use perforated plates or plates made from mesh; here the fields coming through the openings are different than the ones coming through the material – and they interact with each other.
  • You can use a plate with only one large hole
  • you can set up Cup#2 as the Cup of the Soul of Physicality of Man and Cup #3 as the Cup of the Physicality of Man – and see what happens

The Inertia cup underneath will interact with the plates and create matter. In a certain condition of the nano-coating the plates inside the cup may lift out of the water; this effect has been used for the Chinese flight system (hybrid GaNS/matter system). It can also happen that this cup will continuously create water which overflows the cup.

This refers to the “purpose” of the system, which has to be determined before building it!

This 3rd system will also be able to satisfy all the liquid needs of man; for example water. It will not necessarily create matter state water, but satisfy the need for water on the plasma level which then makes the manifestation on the matter level oblivious.