Virus Corona & 1Cup=1Life




1Cup=1Life = Soul Cup

Last Tuesday, M. Keshe expanded on the 1C=1L tool: it is not only to save physical lives for people infected with the Wuhan Corona Virus; it is also and foremost to elevate your Soul.

First you have to give the first cup away for free.

Then you can sit in front of the 1C=1L – and don’t drink from it – you just feel the elevation, when the ready product is standing next to the production unit (like on the image); the Cup feeds the Soul. This cup of life is not just water; this cup of life can elevate the Soul. I could have called the “Cup of Soul” but nobody would have understood it. I did not give you a Cup of Life with straight wires – I gave you a Cup of Life with a twist. I gave you a twin Soul to elevate your Soul.” M. Keshe

The flat Zn plate in relation to the coiled copper wire serves as a reference point from the Soul and the matter state. That’s why it works so fast even on the physical level, because the connection to the Soul happens in no time and the rest is just naturally flowing down to the level of the body and the symptoms disappear.

Remember that the alignment with the Soul brings immediately the total harmony to the body; it doesn’t matter at all of what disease you were suffering from. A body in total harmony CANNOT have any disease, because disease = disharmony.

The 1C=1L system works by strengthening the Soul in respect to the body/mind system. This weakens in it’s wake the believe systems of the body/mind, which allows the symptoms to disappear.

When you create the 1C=1L, you are creating a new Soul, and most likely it will have the field strength that you need the most. If you are a naughty guy, you will produce a naughty cup. And that is why it is important to direct you intention and attention to the cup before and while producing it, to charge it with the fields of its purpose. “Talking to it” doesn’t mean to use words, it means to go to that place where the wish is already fulfilled: enjoy the fact that you have create such a powerful and natural tool and be grateful for it.

1Cup=1Life vs Magravs

If we turn the cup sideways 90 degrees, we see that it represents the Magrav system.

  1. The Zn plate = the first stack = the matter state, Earth
  2. The Cu-np coil = the second stack = soul of the physicality/mind
  3. The Cu coil = the third stack = Soul

Both the 1Cup=1Life as well as the Magrav show the shape of the man: the Soul, the soul of the physicality (heart/mind) and the Earth to stand on.

This structure shows the interaction of the Universal Soul with the soul of the physicality/mind in respect to the Earth, the matter state. Once we put the Cu-np in the container, we dictate a new environment: it’s not the Earth’s Magrav field anymore, it is my field – that’s why I can produce what i like and the Earth has no say in it.

How the 1C=1L works

The active ingredients in the 1C=1L are the fields of the elements Cu, Zn and C. Each of these elements is linked to a part of our system, body, mind and Soul. The GaNS in the 1C=1L are functioning like a reference point in respect to the changes (symptoms) that have occurred with the infection. In other words, the reference point detects the changes between the balanced, healthy state and the state of disease. The structure of the GaNS being the exact copy of the plasmatic structure of your body in its original, healthy state.

When we go into space, we will have  no physical brain, however, the plasmatic field structure of the brain will be retained. And we will find out that we are still able to have consciousness, decision making, understanding. Then we will know by experience that we don’t need the physical structures to think, feel and so on. Experiences of people who have gone through near death experiences confirm this – they are able to use vision and hearing without the help of the respective physical organs!

We have to open our eyes to understand the Soul with all the marvellous possibilities it already has. And what our Soul has, we also have – but we are unaware of them because we don’t see them! As M. Keshe puts it:

The teaching of today some of you have not understood but you’re sitting here because you come to listen to the Messiah. But do you hear the word of the Messiah coming from the Messiah? Or do you hear through the Messiah the messages of your own Soul?”