Alloy metals

Following certain testimonies it is necessary to alert you of the presence of aluminium in the copper wires and of the presence of lead in zinc.

Both undesired metals have a lower melting point as the main material: aluminium melts at a lower temperature than copper; and lead as a lower temperature than zinc. In order to verify this, heat a sample of each to check. If there is aluminium or lead, when heating, you should see aluminium or lead beads on the surface! In this case do not use the material! Alloys are not compatible with 1Cup=1Life.

Metals are changing

When you start your production, the Cu-np is black, the Cu is orange and the Zn is gray. It is possible that in the process the metals change color, even if the nano-coated copper coil looks like having lost it’s coating, let the production go on and don’t worry.
If there are crystals, white stuff or black things “growing” on your coils, don’t worry. After the production is finished, gently rub them off and add them to the 1C=1L-GaNS after washing.

You add everything that is produced in the prescribed setup after washing to the GaNS, because they are all nano particles which energize and enhance the GaNS.

How to recover a Zinc plate from an old battery

Use only the cheap carbon-zinc batteries;  alkaline batteries don’t contain zinc. The following video shows you how simple it is!

When you dismantle a Zn-carbon battery to recover the zinc, don’t throw anything away, please; it may be used later.


Don’t use demineralized or distilled water; using tap water ensures that you have already the field strengths of your locality – unless you plan to send it to people far away. It’s better to use a glass or ceramic container because plastic represents a weakness because of it’s C=H bonds. It’s very important.


Do not use iodized salt; replace it with iodine-free sea salt.

Dissolve the salt in cold water, room temperature – don’t use hot water or, if you do, let it cool down to room temperature before applyin to the setup.

Nano coating

Never try to nano-coat an already nano-coated piece; once nano-coated it is nano-coated for ever.

You can use nano coating by caustic soda as well. When nano coating with caustic, it is important to keep the pieces warm (37-45ºC); they should be usable after 3 days.

Even when you have the impression that the nano coating had come off, you don’t redo the nano coating, because by the first nano coating process, you have changed the structure of the metal for ever.

Nano coating with candle light? It is difficult to get the wire red hot; the black we see afterwards is probably soot.

Color of the GaNS

Here is a chart of the colours that your GaNS can take:

The GaNS that are o.k. to use will turn greenish white over time because of the atmospheric conditions of this planet.

It does not matter if your GaNS does not have the same colour as the one shown on the video of M. Keshe – we will always have the Cu connection to our bodytissue and we always have the “carbon magnet” created by the interaction between the Cu-np coil and the Zn plate; so we have all the links that are necessary for our 1C=1L to be efficient – even when we don’t see them.

Anyway we are right now in the point of teaching where we move away from the GaNS as a visible material support and direct our attention more in the direction of the transfer of energies.

Amino Acids

The shape of the glass container is also important. It is preferable to create the 1C=L in a glass container with a relatively small opening, similar to the one in Mr. Keshe’s video, rather than in a container with a large surface area.

We know that a container with a large surface area will produce more amino acids and therefore more connections to the physical plane, whereas in a glass container with a smaller surface area, you will have fewer amino acids and more connections to the Soul.

If you find amino acids in your 1C=1L production, keep them in a separate container; make sure to add some of the GaNS to it to keep the original environment so the amino acids don’t loose their strength over time.

If you run out of amino acids from your production, put an open glass with the GaNS outside in the sun and after 2-3 days you will have amino acids.

Advanced Setups

DO NOT dismantle your cup, only change pieces because she has a Soul. Let it live and produce without interruption.

Make several 1C=1L simultaneously

M. Keshe recommends strongly to make several 1C=1L simultaneously. By doing this, you create GaNS of slightly different field strengths. These differences are more able to accommodate the mutations of the virus on the long run.

Individual productions should to be spaced a minimum of 1m apart.

Alternative by mixing GaNS already made

To try to create the 1C=1L GaNS by mixing already made GaNs in the prescribed ratio does not give you the equivalent of the prescribed production setup, because the mixed GaNS cannot account for the mutations of the virus – the original setup by M. Keshe does.

The Function of the Battery

The battery has been introduced to speed up the process of production responding to the urgency of the Chinese community. To produce the 1C=1L, you don’t need a battery, you simply connect wires in the following way:

  1. Connect the pure Cu coil to the Zn plate
  2. Connect both of them with another wire to the nano coated copper coil. The additional wire creates the resistance which will produce a beautiful greenish GaNS over several days.

Don’t use a new battery they are too strong; use flat one: it will create small bubbles gently rising – not like boiling water. When there are no bubbles, that means the battery is dead.

Ongoing Production

The setups seem to produce faster or more when they are exposed to sunlight.

In case one or the other metal electrodes are used (often the Zn plate disappeares or brake off), just replace them without interrupting the process.

If you don’t disassemble the unit to harvest the GaNS but you leave everything as it is and use a syringe with a tube to pull the GaNS on the bottom out, your production is not interrupted and can go on for months…

Advanced Method of production

If you are advanced in the knowledge you can create the mass ratio difference between nano-coated copper and zinc (=6), you only need 3 copper wires. As the nano layers are positioned in salt water between the two other copper wires, you have created a plasmatic condition and matter condition doesn’t apply.

You can even add two nano-coated copper wires outside your plastic container; and connect the 3 nano-coated wires together, connect the two simple copper wires together and then connect the nano-coated wires to the simple wires.

The production should be massive and rapid.