Healing the Planet

M Keshe has requested us in the Portuguese Teaching (12 june 2020) to spray the Liquid Plasma of 1Cup1Life around the Planet. Starting from Sunday, June 14th at noon CET it will take place every Sunday at the same time.

All knowledge seekers will be spraying together on the same day and time to raise the Soul of our Nations. Spray in your community, call your friends and family to participate of this moment of union and joint action for the benefit of our Planet. On this same day we will also leave the letter of the Universal Council in the mailboxes, emails and social media of all authorities and media of this Planet.

We count on the presence of all of you. Gratitude to you all!
Through Emotions to the Soul.

M Keshe’s comments: This collective action is meant to allow the fields of the planet to come back into balance. Make sure there is some GaNS in the water, so it lasts; don’t only use liquid plasma. At the same time this spraying creates the dome of Peace and brings equal understanding to mankind. Remember that you are not just spraying GaNS but you are also spraying emotions with it.”

Public Announcement of KF technology in Iran

You’ll find the video o n the Plasma Circle Website

The confirmation of eradication of COVID-19 in the city of Mahallat using Keshe GANS Plasma Technology was announced by officials on Iranian national TV in April 2020 by prof. Zandeh Del, lecturer and member of the National Defence  University.

The environmental Corona Processing unit has been fully developed by KF Iran in collaboration with leading Iranian scientists, to the point that the units are ready to be deployed. Unfortunately Iranian government officials have kept them under seal, due to bribes by the Gates Foundation. However, each unit can save thousands of lives.

Press Release: The End of the Corona Pandemic is possible.

During the KSW#331, Mr. MT Keshe and the Iranian Keshe Foundation Team announced the solution for the Corona Pandemic including extensive scientific backing provided by the most renowned Iranian University.

The Iranian Keshe Foundation has found a solution for testing, preventing, processing and disinfecting the whole environment; thus eradicating the pandemic. The city of Mahabad in Iran is already free of the Corona virus since 50 days: no death, no infection and the emergency rooms are empty.

The Keshe Foundation Iran is ready to deliver – free! However, the transfer of the technology can only be made via official government and university channels.

How wonderful! M. Keshe asked everybody who has any access to governmental authorities, media, radio, TV, social networks, etc to put this wonderful message out.

If you have contacts to high level government authorities and would like to see the proof, please message me in private and I will put you in direct contact with the official representative of the Keshe Foundation for Central America. Please note that these informations will only be disclosed to governmental authorities.

We have won over the Corona Pandemic!

Aviram Müller, UCs german

For more info, interviews, press material please contact the Keshe Foundation directly: info@keshe.foundation

Vision of the future

M. Keshe is sharing what he sees coming up on the horizon, a peak into the future… and the future starts tomorrow.

I don’t wish it – I know what is to come. My vision is very simple because I know what I brought and I know what I plan and I know what I’m delivering and I know what I want. This is the reality for mankind – you better get ready for it. Get in touch with one another and ignore all the videos, facebook posts, radio and TV stations, because we have to undercut the powers.

  • Satellites are obsolete, the system which we develop will fly and supply the energy needed to do so.
  • We see the total eradication of the use of fossil fuels; people will only need to take the engines out of their cars, so simple.
  • We see new illnesses due to the changes in the atmosphere, because we go back to more cleaner air, water and soil – and we are not used to that anymore.
  • We see the end of the drugs and drug trafficking in the next 3 to 5 years.
  • We see new propulsion systems that will send Cape Kennedy to the museum. Man will move beyond Mars and the solar system within minutes.
  • We see the end of kingship and leadership because we will become a collective Humanity that will have absolutely no need to be governed.
  • What we see is more or less the crush of the property market. People will give you their houses to live in it.
  • We see the end of mining; that will come very fast.
  • I see the end of the slaughtering of animals; that will be one of the first things mankind will stop.
  • In this context we see also the end of the use of destructive exploitation of the planet.
  • In the next 10 to 20 years, none of us will work to live; we will work with the pleasure of being creative.
  • The way we give birth to children will change dramatically; and that change of birth will change everything downstream of it – from our live on this planet to the whole universe.
  • I see the end of religions because every man will become religious in the sense that we live by our Souls and we see ourselves what the prophets saw.
  • We will see a lot of marriages between mankind and other races of the Universal Community.” M. Keshe

1C1L, Plasma Activism

Ventilation systems

Wherever you have access to  air conditioning, humidifiers or ventilation systems, you can add the Liquid Plasma of 1Cup=1Life to prevent the virus from spreading and reverse the condition. You can do the same with portable diffusers, as in the image.

Churches, Temples

If you are a priest you can get creative and add the Liquid Plasma 1Cup=1Life to the bénitiers, the baptism basins and so on; anything watery, which had become a source of infection by the virus can become a source of elevation of the souls by the 1C=1L!

Virus-free Badges

We know that all the people who are fabricating the 1C1L and follow the protocol are virus-free.

M. Keshe proposed that all of us who fall in this category, wear a badge in public showing the KFSSI logo and “I am Virus-free; you can be, too”. Photocopy it or just write it by hand.

Furthermore we are all asked to increase the number of 1C1L to 10/house running all the time; and to reserve 2 for CuO. Remember not a single knowledge seeker, who follows the protocol, has been lost!

Firing the Grid

I continued my little job. As I saw that the work done by our Brothers of Light on the people hospitalized in Amiens was very effective, I asked the Universe if we could do the same thing on the French level. As the answer was positive, I also asked our Brothers of Light to kindly apply my protocol to all the people affected by the virus throughout France. It has been in place and in operation since March 26, 2020 at 10 am.

While discussing with a friend Magravieu, he told me about the Gold energy grid. Immediately, the idea came to me to use this grid to do something similar all over the planet.

I first hooked up with Meheran Keshe to explain my idea to him and see if it didn’t go against his project. He gave me the go-ahead, saying the more positive initiatives, the better. Then I connected with The Source, who also gave me the go-ahead. Finally, I connected with the Gold Grid and asked them to spread the 1C1L vibrational brand all over the planet. This was done on March 26, 2020 at approximately 4:00 PM.

This morning, I got a message from the buddy saying that he had connected to the planet and that he had noticed a new energy, full of gentleness and serenity.

This is where I am in my participation in the liberation of our brothers in this matter.

Jean-Louis Gréau

Emmanuelle’s Heart

The heart surrounded by food plasma vials that we made 15 days ago at Christian’s with in the center an oya filled with CO2 water and under the central zome a vial of 1C1L.